Permanent redirect with page rules does not work

I created a permanent redirect (301) from an unsed domain url to our acutal url
But it does not work.
What is the reason?

Switch the Proxy status of the DNS record to be Proxied (:orange:), if you want any Cloudflare functionality to work.


You mean Type A und CNAME to be proxied?
Will it have effect immediately?


DNS is rarely “immediately”, however, if the TTL of the record was set to the default of Auto, you may be able to see at least some successful propagation already after about 5 minutes.

There are edge cases, where it could take (a lot) longer though, due to e.g. individual ISP / operator decisions.

Once you’ve been using Proxied (:orange:) records for a while, any future changes (e.g. changing the IP address to a new server) should be near-instantaneous.


yes, works. Awesome. Thanks a lot for the great hint and support!


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