Permanent error on our gmail

Hello, I’m managing the DNS for several domains through Cloudflare and have recently experienced issues with our email provided by Gsuite (formerly google apps). The MX records are set up correctly and gmail works fine most of the time. Some senders from outside the domains though are getting errors like “554 permanent problems” occasionally when they send emails to one of our domains.

any ideas ?


If the MX records point correctly to Google it must be either a Google or a sender issue.

Can you post your domain and the exact error message they receive?

Hello Sandro, the domain is -
Google checked and says it’s a DNS issue and they can’t do anything about it.

Here’s the email they received

The MX records look okay. Are you sure your domain is properly configured on Google’s side?

That error message would hint their mail actually made it to Google but was then rejected for some reason. Thats something you’d need to clarify with Google though.

That’s exactly what I thought, but they checked with the message id and it never made it to their servers, they’re 100% positive about it.

In that case it might be an issue with the sending server.

They’re the only ones complaining so far, so it could make sense, even though I don’t know how to verify this hypothesis.

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