Mail record is not resolving.
These are my records - does anyone have a clue why this is not working.

none of the new txt records that I add are also being resolved

Your mail record isn’t working because you’ve entered the full domain name as the Name. The domain name is implied; don’t add it when entering the Name. The entry for in your screenshot would create

I’m not seeing a problem with the TXT records, which do resolve.

Thank you so much for your contribution, you were clever than 2 other Hosting techs that told me to continue to wait. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

I just posted another question about using a website behind cloudflare but the customer doesn’t want to use my name servers. Is there a way to use an A record that will go to cloudflare but not give my IP. Also - I tried to join the computer with my main cloudflare account but came up with contact administrator, not to sure if you can help with this. Tried on multiple different computers

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