Perimeter certificates aren't working on subdomains. What can i do?

Hello, I have a website using the Cloudflare’s auto managed perimeter domain, but it did not work on my website subdomains. What can i do to solve the problem?

Since you didn’t post any actual hostnames, we can only guess. My guess is it’s this:


This does not help me

I am terribly sorry and I apologise, but my crystal ball is being repaired right now, so it’s a tad difficult. I think @sdayman’s too.


This is not a product or feature I’m familiar with. Can you explain a bit more?

And my :crystal_ball: is working just fine. It predicted @sandro would be cranky on a Friday …


Well, to be fair stating the obvious and known is not much of a prediction.

So what does it say?

Again, my :crystal_ball: is being fixed but my superior knowledge of the human mind tells me the subject of this discussion will be most likely the infamous edge certificates a.k.a. proxy certificates a.k.a. the bouncers of the SSL.

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Thank you


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