Performing traceroute command on cloudflare worker

I am attempting to perform a traceroute via a javascript file on one of the Cloudflare workers. I would like to know:
a) if it is possible to perform traceroute on a Cloudflare worker on the command line via a js file
b) what command line commands are possible on workers (on possibly how to access them)

If I have misunderstood how Cloudflare workers work I would really appreciate a deeper explanation on how they work at a lower level.

Thanks in advance.

Stackoverflow says “no” ?


Haha yeah I looked at that earlier.

Are Cloudflare workers run on browsers?

In my mind (being that they are server-side) they were run directly on linux machines. Is this wrong?

Haha thank you Sandro. I will take this advice on :slight_smile:

They dont, they run in Cloudflare’s datacentres.

However, how would such a traceroute be of any help? Also, I am someone convinced you will exceed the CPU limit with it. Workers are designed to modify and handle incoming HTTP requests, not to process lengthy background tasks.

They run on V8, to simplify its like they are node.js scripts. Not really, but I don’t want to get into Isolates etc.