When i load my website trough Cloudflare it is very slow, and something says it is offline because of the server not responing, but if i change my hosts file in windows to point at the server it loads fast and perfect!

Running wordpress, and i have 20 sites, but on 2 of them makes this trouble. All on the same server. And some can load while the slow sites wait to load.

Why is that?

How many plugins do the “slow” websites have? Plugins can often cause PHP to take way too long to respond and may make your server timeout the connection. I recommend installing p3 profiler which gives a nice breakdown of how long each plugin impacts page load time, eg one of my websites.


But why should it be super fast when not Running in Cloudflare and super slow when Running in Cloudflare and something say the server is offline, but i can see it is online?

I run my own server, so i know a big about it. I have to computers Running. One is tweaked in hosts one not. The twaek are super fast to load the site, the other is super slow (running trough Cloudflare)

Thats not a PHP plugin issue.

Without details or an example page all one can do is throw out possible causes.

I Think is was because of firewall blocking Cloudflare servers.

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