Performance test

I’e used and Performance Test it’s very different between zones.

I thought that it was imilar. anyway, I use probably wrong DNS for cloudflare. My domain it’s required 2 IP and 2 nameservers. Not matter if I use cloudflare. i must have 2 IP too.

Do you have conflicts with

We might want to consider possible caching for your website, or the website you’ve used for testing purpose.

Could be somewhere was cached already since before, and in other country wasn’t.

Nevertheless, may I ask what’s the issue?

The numbers aren’t expected to be “as-is”, or?
I can see the difference, however that is still quite fast.

Furthermore, from what I see, you’re using some caching plugin for WordPress which might not be 100% optimized and configured for Cloudflare.

Other resources are served via 3rd-party service AWS, x-cache Hit from cloudfront

x-litespeed-cache-control public,max-age=604800
x-endurance-cache-level 0

You also have LiteSpeed cache on the origin host/server.

So, consider the fact, Cloudflare can cache only and everything under your domain, not outside resources, and the origin host itself can affect those numbers.

Regarding the 2 IPs, sometimes you’ll sometimes even see the 3 IPs returned per A/AAAA record type. Nameservers has got each of it it’s own IPv4 & IPv6.

May I ask if you’re using a load balancer too, in between maybe?

I would also like to suggest you to test things using different tools and run multiple different speedtest for a better insight.

Have you got some issue with domain registrar, or rather it’s a question if Cloudflare has an issue to “register” the changes propperly, somehow?