Performance questions

Hi there

I have recently enabled Cloudflare in our website ( and i was advise by someone that it will increase my website load speed etc. but still the gtmatrix and Google inside speed test shows the same result as before.

The page speed was before 30 amd even now after enabled Cloudflare the speed is almost same. mo. any improvements.
Can any one advise here please?

My website built in wordpres

Tons of advice in these threads, Run the webpage speed tests referenced and you will get a visual of the load time for each element of your site. Run with and without Cloudflare active and make sure you’re familiar with what cf does and does not cache.

Your bottleneck is most likely WordPress. TTFB is typically low with that CMS, and nothing else can load until the HTML does. Install and enable the Comet Cache plugin to fix low TTFB (to some degree). Otherwise consider a faster web host.


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