Performance problems

I recently switched to SSL Certificate and DNS Proxy.
Everything works well so far. But every now and then the performance drops for a few minutes and there are 502 timeout errors. But only from one computer. On another computer the performance is great in the same time.
We have our CMS system on the domain. For the url, we have deactivated the security and performance with the roles. But it does not help.
Before, we did not have the problem with the performance.
Can someone help?

Thank you

Are you saying you do not have a valid certificate on your server?

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i have a valid origin certificate from cloudflare installed on my server and have SSL/TLS encryption in Full mode (strict).
I cant explain what is wrong. It only happens for a few minutes now and then. The page no longer loads.
Is it SSL, Cache or Proxy problem?

All right, in that case you do have a secure setup.

What’s the domain?


And 502s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 502 / 504: Bad Gateway.

Though if you say it is only from one connection, then you might use a different PoP there and if you only experience issues there that would most likely suggest your server is blocking or limiting certain Cloudflare datacentres. That’s something you’d need to discuss with your host.

Thank you for the fast reply.

The domain is
My Server is a Root Server with Centos and Plesk.
On the Server i have Juggernaut Firewall too.

It is not only from one connection. It can happen by every connection for a few minutes. But if i test in the same time by another connection, it works well.

Here it loads fine

Can you post the output of this URL

on both connections, where it works and where it doesn’t.

Also, disable your server firewall to check if that might stop Cloudflare from connecting.

It seems the problem is the Juggernaut Firewall on my server. If i deactivate it, then the TTFB is normal again. But the firewall is more then 20-30 secounds and sometimes timeout error.

But it happens only some time not always.
Doesnt work juggernaut with cloudflare?

If it works with the firewall disabled the issue will be the firewall and that it will do exactly what I mentioned before. In that case you’d need to go through your logs and check what it is blocking and make sure everything from is whitelisted.

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Thanks for your help. I add a configuration to my firewall to ignore cloudflare ips.
Let see if it works and the performance problem does not come back.

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