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I have activated Cloudflare for my domain. I’m hosting a totally static wordpress website. So what i expect is after caching website should be quite fast. But after the last test in gtmetrix website size is 2.3 MB but it loads in 18 seconds. Do you have any idea how i can solve it? I set the page rule to cache everything.

Latest test:

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the “Fully Loaded Time” parameter should not bother you too much(if at all) it doesn’t mean what you think it means

you can test your site here - will give you better info

Hi @berataldemir,

Your site may be “totally static”, but it makes over 30 different connections to third party domains. Each connection means time spent negotiating SSL and connecting, and some are bottlenecks as the browser has to wait for these connections to be fully established to download the file and move on. You should make an effort to reduce this number by bringing to Cloudflare any static assets you are currently storing in CDNs, such as images and CSS files.

After you shrink the number of connections, you may also benefit from an HTTP/2 “resource hint” called preconnect. Google about it, do a little research and try to implement preconnect on your pages. You can add preconnect via a HTTP Link header, and there are WP plugins, such as the Pre Party, that may help you with this.

And if you test your page on, as suggested by @boynet2, you will have a clear picture of what I’m talking about by looking at the Connections report.

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