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I added my website to Cloudflare but the performance on GTmetrix stay the same and CDN is still showing an F. My account shows my website to be active on Cloudflare. Need help trying to speed up my site.

The letter scoring by some of websites tests can be errelavent. They’re great for point out possible issues but may create new ones. I’ve seen F sites load in under 300ms :racing_car: along with quality content is what improves your ranking with search engines.

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It’s because GTM doesn’t know your domain name is on a CDN. It just sees your domain name.

Go edit your user settings: down in the “Analysis Options” section. Add your domain name in the “YSlow CDN Hostnames”.

Your score will improve from “F”. But your site won’t be any faster!

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Thanks… Page Speed Insights is raking my site a score of 27 mobile and desktop a 59 but GTmetrix is grading my site B page speed and C Yslow… My site

Is there any way to bring it up the score up? or is it like @Withheld said above…


Follow their suggestions but pay very close attention to speed, flush the cache often and retest. if you go from 5 seconds F to 20 Seconds A+, your ranking is going to be back to page 30

That statement was very important. Many times I can get an “A” at GTM (or 100% at PSI), but my speed will be much slower than a “C”/75%.

The looming question in my mind is… Which does google consider for serp placement: your Speed or PSI Score? :thinking:

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For a comparison of page speed tools as seen by Google, please see

Being Google such a behemoth of a tech company, notwithstanding their tyrannical push that our pages be very agile, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is taking into consideration only the speed at which its crawler gets the service done, and perhaps a long term average of that. For that reason, I like to monitor the good old Seach Console Crawl Speed report.

This is of course merely speculative, as I’ve never seen any official info on what is the speed metric or tool they consider for ranking purposes, not even the link above has any definite info about that.

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