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Hi People!

Could somebody answer me why the results differ so much from some countries? I’m testing my site on and I’m getting 1-1.5s in the US and 6-7s in Australia!

How could it be such a big difference there?

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Well, seven seconds is not little, but partially it probably can be explained with the latency to your origin, respectively it also depends on which route these checkpoints take. Whats the URL?


Hi Sandro! Thanks


I didnt get any 7s connections, but the first byte still takes a while.

Even before checking I was pretty sure it would turn out to run Wordpress :slight_smile: I guess your setup could do with some tweaking/optimisation.


Page speed is dependent on both the test server end and the target test server (your server). Geographical distance is the biggest factor. Further away the test server and target test server are, the longer the round trip time (RTT) between requests and connections.

Pingdom speed tool isn’t the ideal tool to use for page speed tests. You should use for page speed testing as it has more geographical countries to test from and more page speed profiles /browser clients to test from i.e. 2G, 3G, 4G, cable etc speeds and chrome, canary, firefox, safari and real mobile device clients.

Also you should inspect your Google Analytics page speed numbers for your visitors real page load speed experience as well as Google’s new Chrome User Experience reports (CRuX)

I wrote a guide on using for my members which you also might find useful

Also Youtube video for Webpagetest


Which plan are you on? Free and Pro plans do not have access to Australian POPs, so you would get additional latency from that as well.


I think officially it shouldn’t but seems my Cloudflare free and pro plan sites hit Sydney datacenter for me when I am using my Sydney based VPN server :slight_smile:


There may have been a change then, it could always happen. It wasn’t set in stone, since it was due to high bandwidth prices and no peering.

EDIT: can confirm Sydney datacenter is hit when pinging to a Free domain.


Thanks People for the answers!, I will look it up :slight_smile:


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