Performance issues / questions

I have a business website which is hosted in Australia because the business was mainly running in Australia. However, now I got some business from China, so I need a faster speed for my Chinese customer. Then we have to go CDN to solve this problem. It helps the speed, but in another way, I really hate the inconvenience of the delay after you have changed any code to css, js or have changed any images. The way to flush the cache is really annoying.

Hi @weizhau,

The delay you are referring to is related to your cache settings. You can set them up to best match your goals. In some cases, you would need the Business Plan, which offers more refined options in this regard.

I’m not sure, but I guess only Enterprise Plan would give you access to Cloudflare POPs in China.

Take a look at the “Compare all features” section to better understand the differences between plans:

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