Performance Issue for free account and bandwidth costs around the world

Hey Cloudflare Community,

Hey I am just starting and practicing over JAMStack and my question is more research based …
So I just setup the domain and It’s currently using

Host: Google Cloud Storage #Static
CDN: Cloudflare
DNS: Cloudflare

Have not added any content deliberately as I am working on my blog and thus didn’t deployed… just a hello world html page over there

But here is my question,
So I tested pings of my above site and another Cloudflare site and results are quite drastic speed difference at various locations. I think that inclines with this article of Cloudflare’s " Bandwidth Costs Around the World"

So my question is at minimum at which account (pro or business) I have to be to subscribe to get same pings like discord for example??

PS: Please Ignore china for my questions … I know that’s for enterprise only :stuck_out_tongue:

Attaching the pings results differences too for both sites … sorry for such a large file … Cheers!

Blog article mentioned above link is =>

Interestingly your results are faster in a number of locations… part of this are variables we don’t know. It is possible that has multiple servers / datacenters around the world and is using load balancers with geo or latency based redirection. They are also (according to this press release anyway) using Argo


But still besides Argo,
regarding this article

If I want these networks as mentioned in article do I need to buy a Subscription. If yes then which one?
PS: Asking this for my future customers and ofcourse future me!!

As far as I know Business (and up, obviously) should guarantee all POPs (with possible variability in case of high loads somewhere, but those are temporary issues). I don’t think there is an actual change between Free and Pro except some small change on priority in case of high loads.

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