Performance improvement issue with APO

This site is running on 2vCPU, 4GB RAM VPS in Godaddy. This site will receive unexpected traffic hike while facebook promote any post randomly. Due to the unexpected hike in the traffic, our server suffering with crashes due to the server spikes. For reduce the severity, I purchased a CDN service called ShiftCDN and configured. It’s working as expected. After researching I come up with APO module provided by Cloudflare. I read all the reviews available in the internet and I impressed to buy it. So I purchased yesterday and implimented APO with my website. I done all setups required for it. Additon to these improvements , I added EWWW Image Optimizer( which will convert all images to Webp format.

Even if I did all of these improvements, the speed rank not increased about 1%. I don’t know exactly why even I purchase and implimeted APO. The speed analysis in Pingdom,Gtmetrix,Google Page Speed test results giving me the poor results.

Can you guide me why the page rank still poor?

I assume your tests didn’t hit CF cache, using webpagetest you can run the test multiple times to ensure it’s cached: WebPageTest Test Result - Virginia USA - E...: - 07/14/21 13:46:26

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