Performance Improvement Comparison

Hi everyone,

Cloudflare is offering different options in order to improve the domain performance ( minifying css/js, improved image load time, Rocket Loader, etc.) and I was wondering if there is any performance report or comparison for those performance improvements. Like how much faster is the webpage loaded when using different improvements and so on. Most of them are available in Pro or Business versions, so I was curious about what difference can we expect before we pay for the subscription.

Thanks a lot for any help.

There are no consistent metrics, as every site is different and some features do more for some sites than others.

It’s just stuff you have to experiment with within your plan to see. If you think something in the Pro plan, such as the additional image optimizations, may be beneficial, you can certainly try it for a month and then decide for yourself.

The bump up into Business plan is a whole 'nother world, so those customers would have a much longer list of needed features they’re willing to pay $200/month for. Most of it not performance-related.

@sdayman thank you for your answer. From your experience, is there anything particular that you would especially recommend to try in order to increase the performance (page loads faster on the client side) in the Cloudflare configuration?

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