Performance Impact After Install Apps

There’s lot of a apps on Cloudflare dashboard now. The Particle is really cool apps I want to install. But I just preview on dashboard without install it, because I don’t know how the apps impact to my web load and performance. If I install the Particle apps (or another apps), will the apps increase my web load, performance, and http request?

No. Cloudflare apps add content to your website output on edge servers that means there would be no extra load for your server and BW.

Your server =====> Edge server (CF) =====> Client

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It has a slight impact on your site’s performance:

  1. Smaller apps that are completely housed at Cloudflare will appear to load from your site as they are injected by Cloudflare. They add a negligible performance hit.

  2. Other apps will add other resources loading from other sites, increasing your load time and number of resources.

In one case, I add a relatively small app, but it makes calls to Google for font css and the font files plus the app’s home URL, turning would be about a half-second load time into 1.6 seconds.