Performance Difference Between Mobile and Desktop

My question related with cloudflare mobil and desktop performance differences. So here the scores for mobile:

Site ( ) uses free tier cloudflare. While desktop shows really good performance mobile is 3 to 5 times SLOWER than desktop. Is it related with free tier? If I swithc to paid plan can I get good performance for mobile also? If so which paid plan should I switch? Second question is inner pages of the site is much more simple than home page however innerpages shows worse performance than homepage. What is the reason how can I also increase the performance of inner pages? Thanks

Hi @ahmethann1234

Your score is really good and it majority of websites across the world will score lower on mobile than desktop in Google Page Insights. The times in the test are not accurate to what is experienced by real users. Your homepage already meets the speed requirements for ‘Good’ in Google Search Console core web vitals which is great. You can see that real users the all metrics are in green ‘Good’, for your other pages they are marked as ‘need improvement’, I answer this below.

Once you meet the requirement for good, you do not improve organic search any further through speed improvement, but it would improve user experience and therefore conversion rates.

On your second question, I can see that your homepage is fully cached but you are not caching the other pages properly. This is why the results are better on homepage and not others.

What cache rules or Page Rules (important: this product is deprecated, read more here do you have set up in Cloudflare currently? There will be something not done correctly.


Thank you very much @oliver4 for detailed response :slight_smile:

I use FREE Cloudflare. So could the issue related with other pages related with using free version of cloudflare? Does cloudflare free has a caching limit? Should I pass to paid version? If yes to which package do you suggest to pass?

Hi @ahmethann1234 ,

I believe you can improve first on the free version as the free version allows you to have 10 cache rules.

What cache rules do you currently have set up?

Hi @oliver4 thank you again :slight_smile:
Here my all page rules, by the way it says deprecated, could it be related with that:

Rules: Screenshot by Lightshot

Also I dont remember that I gave sitemap to cloudflare. So how does cloudflare know about my inner pages, can this be an issue ?