Performance Decreased after Using Cloudflare


My site is using Elite dedicated server plan in InMotion Hosting at Dedicated Server Hosting | InMotion Hosting

I use GTMatrix to test my site from Vancouver, Canada and the full load time is about 537ms only.

Then I signup a Cloudflare account and then complete the setups. Then I test again and find the full load time becomes 863ms, worse than before.

I have already enabled:

Auto Minify: JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Enabled: Brotli compression.

So why?

We can help you if you provide us GTmetrix test with AND without Cloudflare.
To test without Cloudflare simply put Cloudflare in Development mode or turn of proxying (:grey:) the respective DNS entries

@M4rt1n , Thank you very much. Are you the official support from Cloudflare? Should I send you the report generated by GTMatrix?

No you are here in the community forum. I do not work for Cloudflare. If you want to get supported by the official Cloudflare support you at least have to be Pro-Plan. So you must be a paying customer, not a user. Support is expensive and can not (shall never!) be offered for free.

You can post your result here in the community forum if you like.

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Thank you. I will do that later. Currently I encounter another issue with Cloudflare(Timeout occurs when perform database optimization in WHMCS) so I have to reset the DNS server back to my originals.

Also I have problems in upgrading to pro plan(Cannot upgrade my plan to Pro) and wait for helps.


No problem, take your time.

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