Performance, Caching + Google Analytics Problems since activating "Recommended Changes" + Beta Functions

Dear Cloudflare DEV Community,

We are running a big crypto community online and recognized more and more
problems the last few weeks with our Server Rebalancing setting, while interacting with Cloudflare and Nitropack Cache.

To exclude external factors ( like DDOS ) we tried it first with “Under Attack” modus because our page needed sometimes 30 seconds to show up. The requests dropped but the duration per user immediately increases. After 24 hours we deactivated it again, cause it hasn’t improved a lot.

We doubled our Servers with 8vCPU and 16RAM EACH ( Balancing Setup )
to have more power. We recognized, that it improves A BIT.

We did a Hard-Reload of our Nitropack Optimized Cache afterwords.
But the problems continue to show up.

Therefore we logged again in into Cloudflare and clicked through all navigation points
regarding Traffic, Performance, CDN.

It was shown. up a lot of Recommendations, we should activate, to improve the First Content Load Point-Point, reduce Javascript and CSS loading and much more.

Therefore we decided to activate all of this, including all shown up Betas
and “Always live” function, optimized Cloudflare CDN routing

and PURGED THE CACHE yesterday afterwords.

This morning we realized that our Google Analytics dropped over 95%.
The page is online and pretty fast showing up, but it seems to be, that a lot of clickable elements,
like our Header Burger Menu, Language change or just the Search function now is not working.
It’s always reloading the same page now while clicking on these buttons.

Also, we don’t know, what setting changes lead to these problems now…

We are searching for professional support here.
We are also open if you want to work with us and our agency in the future on relating topics.

For the moment we need fast answers regarding these issues.

a) How can we reset the Cloudflare Changed settings to the status before yesterday 8 pm UTC+2
( for example )
b) What issues could the - Purge Cache - lead to? Is a common setup between Nitropack Cache and Cloudflare Cache at the same time not recommended?
c) What of the Beta Functions could lead to these new problems?
d) What about the Cloudflare optimized CDN function? We are normally using Digital Ocean CDN and set this up a long time in the past.
e) Why was Google Analytics dropping immediately? But at the same time, the Traffic Section here on Cloudflare doesn’t show that drop? We only recognized, that our German traffic dropped, but countries like Japan now could better access ( obviously ) our English version of the page.

Happy to discuss these issues and also try some recommended settings from the community if you share your best practice with us/me.

Which functions should never run at the same time? What functions are a safe must have improvement while having it activated?


I can respond to some of this:
a) Any settings changes will show up in the Audit Log at the top of
b) Dunno. You’re layering similar services, and it’s no fun to figure out which part is doing what. It sounds like you only want Cloudflare for DDoS, so I’d recommend a Page Rule to match ** and add all the settings that disable performance features.
c) I don’t know which functions Cloudflare considers as Beta. Did it say?
d) Nitropack is already a CDN. As I said, layering similar features gets unnecessarily tricky.
e) No idea. You’d have to check and see if GA is actually loading properly on your site.

Bottom line, layering NitroPack and Cloudflare is a difficult setup. Cloudflare’s Pro Plan pretty much does everything NitroPack does for the same price (or less, depending on traffic).

Hi @sdayman,

thanks for your time!

In the meantime, we reviewed the activity log and revealed most of this.
Especially the Rocket Loader Function of Cloudflare ( obviously ) lead to big issues.

Google Analytics went back to old numbers immediately, after deactivating this Cloudflare Function.

We are just figuring out, what’s the best setup, also to find a balance between Nitropack and Cloudflare - in general. And yes, originally the plan was only to use Cloudflare for DDOS. But after recognizing all these new Beta Functions, the Cloudflare CDN Network, the Minimize and Code Optimization Tools and also the Rocket Loader, we thought it’s always good to test something new.

But in our case it leads to unexpected issues.

Anyone here in the chat who is also using Nitropack Cache, WordPress Setup + Cloudflare at the same time? What’s your ecperiences?

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