Percent Cached suddenly dropped from 78% to 20%


Loading your site only loads a few elements from your site and most resources from, which are not necessarily cached and where Cloudflare has no effect on, however these requests should influence your caching rate either. The resources from your site where however served from cache.

Can you post a screenshot of your Analytics screen?


how can i check if cloudflare is caching my website? I looked at site response header and CF-Cache-Status is missing. I also found that Cache-control is set to no-cache. Could this be why?

My website was getting a 50% increase in visitors in the past month, but they are from the same countries as before.


The headers do show the cache status and they do show that your files are being cached.


Can you post a screenshot of what you described?

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Hi Sandro,

I checked it via redbot:


That particular test checked your main page which will never be cached, unless you enabled “cache everything”. But as you can see from the previous screenshot the standard resources are cached successfully.


I see, thanks for the explanation. I still don’t know why the % of cache hit rate went down so much :confused: i havent changed anything



Do you mean this part?

Here is the one that shows the drop:


It would seems as if the number of visitors stayed the same, the number of requests even increased, but data served and cached dropped.

As I mentioned in my earlier response a lot of your content is served via and not your site. Could it be your host changed something in the way your site serves data (from their domain instead of yours) which explains this drop? However the increase in total requests would be still contradictory to this theory.


yeah i have no idea… but I know for images and resources it had always been served via since I am using jetpack. I’ve just disabled it for resources (since your replies has made me realize CF only caches stuff served from my domain), but I need to keep it for images.

So no i’m fairly confident nothing has changed in terms of where my resources were being served.

Also on Mar 7-9, I was out of the country without laptop access. Pretty sure I didn’t do any changes. So weird!!


I am afraid I would not have an answer either. The drop in total traffic seems to coincide with the drop in caching percentage, though the latter is actually a percentage and should not be affected by a total number. Also, as mentioned previously, the number of request actually went up.

Maybe someone else here could have an explanation, alternatively you could try with a support ticket, though I somewhat doubt you’d get a meaningful response from there either :man_shrugging:t2:

@cscharff maybe


yeah, i’ve submitted a ticket and didn’t really get any response yet. Thank you for trying!


Post the Ticket #. Sometimes the mods check on support tickets to see how they’re going.


Ticket number is 1657200. I got an automated response, and no reply since


I have one more question. What does percent cached really mean? Is it % of requests, or is it % of assets served from my site?

Thanks again for all your help so far!


I would understand it as the percentage of traffic that was served directly by Cloudflare without being forwarded to the origin.


Just an update, i received the following response from cloudflare support

By running a cache performance test on one page of your site (, I was able to see that we are only caching about 20% of the returned assets, as you mentioned. We are not able to cache the other ~80% of your resources because they are external assets. To improve the percentage of cached resources on your page, you can move those externally hosted resources to your own website instead. This will allow Cloudflare to cache a larger percentage of your site.

So it seems that percent cached is not % of traffic, rather % of asset? Sounds weird to me. I’ve asked for clarification and still waiting for reply.


@cloonan @cscharff, can you clarify?


Check your content petcantage by domain using pingdom.

Ex: my domain content petcantage is 24%.
External resources
Fonts 16% which is serverd
Google AdSense 30_50% via
Google analytics 6%>.
Google tagservices 5%
onesignal push notifications :10%.

So cloudflare caches 24%content and it only caches 5-10% request out of 40 requests because those are from third party.

To increase performance you have to enable full page caching with cloudflare pagerules cache everything and cloudflare plugin at WordPress to automatically purge cache while on update.
also I am thinking fastcgi because cloudflare missing requests sometimes (based their budget for free plan).

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