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I have several domains on our Cloudflare account which we manage for clients. Is it possible to grant a specific client access to just their domain and not to others?
I can see the ability to add additional administrators of all accounts but not to restrict that to just the one domain.



Unfortunately you can’t. But, if you add yourself to their account, you’d then see those domains in your Dashboard which is probably better.


@Withheld is right. It is a better and cleaner approach, for billing as well.


Thanks for confirming.

My preference was for us to handle our clients billing & technical communications as well so that we can make sure nothing lapses having experienced clients not realising the importance of things like domain renewals.

I’ll have a think how to approach this.


Make a unique account for each customer, and then if desired, grant permission to your main account(s). Use email addresses in a dedicated sub domain so there are no conflicts and the naming scheme is consistent:

[email protected] (drop the .example)

The advantage here is that everything is isolated and you can even hand over credentials to the customer (or share access to them) when/if desired.

Best practice for managing client accounts?
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