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I have been using Cloudflare for a while and page rules are an invaluable tool, however I feel they could be improved by adding functionality to set a page rule for a specific country or set of countries. :+1:

An example use for this could be if you have another version of your website for different geographies or locales.

Hopefully this can be implemented for all customers, or at least at Pro level rather than being limited to Enterprise :slightly_smiling_face:


This can be done today using Workers.

Check the Workers forum there may be some recipes.


Thanks for the reply.

I looked at both workers and using geo steering for this but both would be cost prohibitive for me at current prices.
If there was a higher chunk of requests included for at the workers $5 base price with paid plans (perhaps 25m at pro, 50m at business etc) and/or more requests per 50c it could work.

As a quick aside would it be possible to get a way to see total DNS queries per month globally, at the minute I can only see up to 24 hours, this would be a great way for me to estimate the cost of using geo steering as the amount of DNS queries can be quite volatile, where multiplying the 24 hour figure by 30 or 31 doesn’t end up being too accurate :stuck_out_tongue:

I run a couple of free projects which this would be perfect for but it’s hard for me to justify spending much more than I do currently on a project which doesn’t earn anything to pay for itself.


You could use .htaccess rules today Redirecting specific country to sub domain Free, but requires at lest one trip to the origin (and an origin where yo have access to that file to make changes).

Your point on DNS queries is well taken. I have made a similar argument internally… and hope that we make some change there eventually. :slight_smile:

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