People invited to our account can't see any of the existings domains

I’ve invited two people to my account as read only admins. We have several domains with Cloudflare. They can’t see any of the domains that I can see as super admin.

Could you please help?

When they login, are they selecting the same account you are selecting?

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 1.32.59 PM

One of the two read-only folks you invited has not logged in and I suspect the other needs to pick a different box than they did on the above screen. I can see the the option to select your account on the above screen for each of them and I can see your domains when I do that.

@cloonan thanks for your quick answer. They have shared with me screenshots where they clicked both boxes and there is no domains on it. What else can we do?
Thanks for any help!

We may have to push this to a ticket as we can’t go too deep into account details here. I show each of the two read-only members as having accepted the invitation, one member starting with T has logged in, the other member has not.

I can see the domains when viewing as the member that logged in. Perhaps have them clear cache & cookies and/or try incognito mode if they continue to be unable to see the domains. Both members should select the account starting with Sites after they login. Make sure they’re not viewing/confused b the older invitation you sent them from another account.

Can you verify they are selecting the account starting with Sites? I only show one of the members as logging in (starts with t).

I’d ask them to clear cache/cookies and/or try incognito mode.

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Thanks Again @cloonan. We cleared the cache and still no changes. I opened a ticket.

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Can you share that ticket number here? I’ll flag it for my colleagues in Support

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Of course @cloonan, #3007046


Thank you, I have flagged 3007046 for the attention of my colleagues in Support.