People cannot connect to my domain in Latvian, censorship?

Hi, I was about to write a support ticket but couldn’t see a general inquiries so figured this would be a better place for this.

This is a very strange issue where people cannot connect to my domain in Lativian. I am concerned that this might be happening in other countries too.

I have a website and a Minecraft server, both have different IP addresses and different sub domains pointing to them both. Today, a user messaged me letting me know they could not connect to my Minecraft server. I was confused because everyone else could. I ended up giving the user the direct ip address ( on this, they were able to connect.

I then realised it was a domain issue. I sent them my website address to confirm this was the problem and again, they could not connect to the website. it said “website closed” for them.

So this must be something related to Cloudflare. might Cloudflare be having an outage in Lativian?
Might this be government censorship from Cloudflare as it’s an American company?

I’m really not sure why people in Lativian cannot connect but I’m just trying to think of some reasons. I tested it myself on a vpn and can confirm the user was telling the truth. Is anyone else experiencing this too?

What might the reason for this be?

I suspect it’s an issue with a local ISP, either related to IP or the site. Can you share the name of the domain?

I think you just outed your server IP address there, which is not a good thing if you want to keep it behind Cloudflare for security purposes. I would also make sure your server (or firewall) only accept connections from IP Ranges | Cloudflare

Back to your question: when you tried with VPN did get a Cloudflare error page (with a Ray ID), was it an error page by some other entity or did you get a generic “domain not found” error?

If you have a Ray ID you can find if Cloudflare is blocking it. If it’s something else then it could be a couple of different things.

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charliecustard .com

It is pretty standard to give out IP addresses when it comes to Minecraft servers. Is there a reason I shouldn’t? Is ddos attacks possible with the IP address?

With a VPN, it just wouldn’t load the page. as if the website didn’t exist.


Is it this?

If I block the ads, its blank:

Site does not seem to be using Cloudflare. How its related to CF?

That’s strange. That is the domain. The website works fine for me and a lot of other people.

I’m using CDN with Cloudflare, my domain is also pointing to my website address using Cloudflare.


Your domain’s nameserver’s don’t seem to be pointing to Cloudflare they are pointing to
ns73 .domaincontrol. com
ns74 .domaincontrol. com

If you did not make this change to your own nameservers then I would contact your registrar (GoDaddy) asap. Otherwise, change them back to your Cloudflare issued ones. It is possible he is having the issue logging in to the server due to his cached IP being updated to the most recent one, unless your server connects through a subdomain. But your root domain is pointing to a GoDaddy landing page as neiljay has attached the screenshot.

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ohh yeah I think it automatically switched because I tried adding a forward on godaddy. I now know that must be done on Cloudflare. The nameservers are switched back. The site should not go to parked now charliecustard .com

I think this is a separate thing to what what my initial message was about though because these nameservers were accidentally changed after this issue happened.

oh I did some looking into this. So cloudflare ddos protects if it’s proxied. In my situation, it’s not a concern since my server already has it’s own ddos protection. That’s the case with most servers. My website on the other hand would be a different situation.