Pending videos taking up a large amount of storage quota

TL;DR: Pending videos through abandoned or errored uploads take up too many minutes.

Hi there, our use-case is that we’ll have a relatively low number of users (<1000) uploading short videos frequently (~once/month), using direct creator TUS uploads.

I’ve noticed during testing that if a TUS upload is abandoned after a certain point, the pending video still sits in our Cloudflare Stream account. Cloudflare assumes pending videos are about 240 minutes in length. This means if we have ~5 pending videos on our account, we’ve already hit >1000 minutes. Is there a way to reduce the assumed length of video? I wouldn’t mind uploads failing if we actually have run out of storage, but this is quite unlikely given the actual length of our uploads.

I appreciate there might be some client side DELETE solution, which could also work…



With help from zaid, I added this line to my worker that acts as a TUS server:

'Upload-Metadata': request.headers.get('Upload-Metadata') + ',maxDurationSeconds MTgwMA==',

This gives a max duration of 30 minutes.

Hi, are you specifying a max duration when requesting the one-time upload token? See


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