Pending verification email when adding a new routing destination address

I am having problems with adding a new email routing destination address. The address exists, but I don’t receive a confirmation email from Cloudflare. It just says „Pending verification“.

I have already opened a ticket with more details: 2661037

Can someone from the CF team please take a look at this?

Have you checked spam / email logs to see if the emails are being rejected on your side? Also have you retried sending the email verification?

Yes. I checked the SPAM folder and also sent emails from another email provider to that address to see if there was a general problem on my end, but that worked without issue.

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Thanks, I’ve escalated this to Support.


Hi @TimoA apologies for the inconvenience that was caused here.

Since the problem was resolved on the ticket, I will mark this topic as solved as well. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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