Pending Validation (txt) more than 24 hours


my domain has been added to CF for several days and universal SSL certificate is not activated. Anyone from CF can help me to examine this problem?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

On the ssl/tls tab, turn on ssl and on the dns app, orange cloud (click :grey: to turn :orange:) your first two records. The certificate is not started until you turn on ssl.


I did that before, but after more than 24 hours it remained showing pending validation. Now I’ve done what you suggested and it shows a message “your connection not private” on browser when I access

I see the nameservers were confirmed on the 28th, but the zone was removed, added, etc. Each time the zone is removed or ssl is toggled off, the certificate is removed and needs to be re-issued. Each time the zone is removed from your account and re-added, nameservers need to be confirmed again. I do not see that Nameservers confirmed has happened and they appear to be propagating, Once the site is active, that can take 24 hours, it will take up to 24 hours to issue the certificate.

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so, what should I do now.

Wait until all the marks on this are :heavy_check_mark: in green and you receive a confirmation that nameservers are confirmed.

what are in the “have_check_mark”? I’m blind and my screen reader
software can’t identify those items. and how long will it take.

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The dns propagation checker shows red x’s and green check marks, red where the change is not yet in effect and green check marks where the change has taken place. It usually takes around 24hours for the propagation to complete.

It is possible you will get a notice staying nameservers confirmed prior to DNS propagation checker showing that the propagation is complete. Once you receive the notice, the process to issue the certificates will start automatically.

but I’ve been losing trafficks for many days with my https

Hi @DimasMuharam I think there are issues with the domain that you will need to resolve with your domain registrar. This issue is preventing the nameserver propagation. Specifically, DNSSEC appears to have been active on the domain when you attempted to transfer it. Can you contact your former domain registrar and have them remove DNSSEC? They will do this when you ask. Whois shows

   Domain Status: pendingTransfer
   DNSSEC: signedDelegation
   DNSSEC DS Data: 7930 13 1 2A328D673AB8179614E2BBFFFB58475F76C8163C

However, I’m on my way to transfer this domain to Cloudflare
registrar. Can the former registrar help this or I just wait untill
the domain transfer is done to Cloudflare? Thank you

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The former registrar should take care of this as often it will prevent/slow the transfer

my former registrar won’t do this because they said that my domain is
being transfered away. Will this stop my domain of being transfered to


My domain now registrar has been completed transfered to Cloudflare.
Could you help me to fix it out? Last time I checked my SSL activation
is still pending.

dear @ cloonan could you help me? My transfer to Cloudflare is now completed, but I still find the SSL in pending stage. Thank you

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