Pending validation (txt) cloudflare universal ssl

pending validation (txt) in Edge Certificates under SSL/TLS. I did orange proxy settings in dns but still not working Please help once. I disabled ssl and also enable after 30 minutes but not working. what to do please help

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Hi @ritukr1985,

Here’s some info:

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I have the same issue today, the first time happening to me. And also one of my friends is having the same issue. Has anything changed in Cloudflare validating SSL?

A certificate took a few hours for me yesterday, but it was still significantly less than 24.

Has yours been pending for more than 24hrs?

Now its working thanks for all your support. may be now its taking 24 hours to validate txt record. earlier it was instant and fast.

All you had to do was wait? It is taking longer than usual for me as well.

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