Pending Validation (Error) and blacklist_browser

I add my domain to use ssl in cloudflare, but one of my domain has error message in Edge Certificates tab.

the error msg is Pending Validation (Error) and when i set focus in triangle icon it has two detail information like below,

Mydomain reported as potential risk: blacklist_browser
Mydomain reported as potential risk: blacklist_browser

i’ve tried find the reason that’s occuring this issue, i couldn’t find it in cloudflare or google search.

So i’d like to ask you in here.

Does someone has solution of this?

Thank you so much!

What’s the domain and post a screenshot.

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My guess, your domain is listed at Google Transparency Report.

Hello Sandro,

this is my snapshot image on error,


Thank you,

You could try to disable Universal SSL, wait an hour, and then re-enable it, but I assume that won’t necessarily fix it either.

Your domain is not listed on mentioned list, but it’s still on some blacklist. You best contact Cloudflare’s support for details.

And before you contact Cloudflare you should fix the SSL setup on your server as the current one is not valid and then it can’t work anyhow. Assuming your server IP address ends in 77.

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