Pending NS-update

Two days ago i enrolled for the free plan for the domain and made all the necessary settings. I have adjusted (and double checked) the appropriate Cloudflare DNS-settings at my host and through several external tools i got confirmation that the DNS-settings were in place. However, my site still has no active certificate and is unsafe, according to Google. Cloudflare also states the update is still pending,

I know it can take up to 24 hours for the DNS- and SSL-certificate updates to activate. But meanwhile it’s been 48 hours and they are still pending. Could you please have a look into this and check if anything is wrong?

Leo de Keijzer

They have checked in the wrong place. Your nameservers are still pointing to site4u, you only changed them at your host, whereas you need to change them at your registrar - who apparently is site4u as well. Contact them and ask why they havent change the nameservers with the .nl registry, which would be the right place.

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