Pending NS record update

This is one of the most frustrating experiences I had to deal with in the last few month: I updated NS records five days ago, the record propagation shows them everywhere updated, the registrar reports them properly, the Cloudflare reports all systems operational and yet ICANN ( still points to the old data, and my domain is reported as “pending” by Cloudflare.

My ticket has been ignored.

The only available option to me - the “Re-check now” button - results in NOTHING - no email, no explanation what’s missing/required/why it’s still pending.

Yes I’ve seen “we received too many free support tickets”, but why should I care if you cannot handle your business? You have a free tier and support for it, right?

Unfortunately I depend on having this site at Cloudflare, but this lousy service makes me frantically search for an alternative.

Hi @dmitri_fedorov,

This is the problem, you added NS records instead of changing the authoritative nameservers at your domain registrar.

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Thanks for the tip @domjh, it just illustrates my point of frustration: the most important first step in working with this service refers to this
and it does not have a link to AWS Route 53, of course I did it how I find suitable.
It sucks.

Unfortunately Cloudflare can’t include every registrar in that list.

These instructions may apply in your case:

If they work, please let us know and we can ask if they can be added to the list of common registrars to help people in the future.

Your nameservers now seem to correctly point to Cloudflare.

:wave: @dmitri_fedorov,

There are several thousand domain registrars. Amazon documents their process… no idea if it is accurate as I don’t use them.

Thank you guys, I did find how to do it on my own after I was pointed out that I need to change the authoritative nameservers, it’s not difficult to do on AWS Route 53 when you know what to change.

All it would take on the Cloudflare “Complete your nameserver setup” page for the site to say authoritative nameservers and then I would do it properly five days ago.

Words matter :slight_smile:

No problem, glad you managed to get it sorted. Can I just check that these instructions match your experience with changing them, before passing them on?

I will make sure to pass your feedback on.

Yes, these are correct instructions.

Great, thank you. Please just let us know if you have any further questions!

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Thank you, I will.

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