Pending nameservers


we activated pro license and still pending namerserver update.
urgent, could your team activate nameserver update immediately please.
also i tried to contact support but i got error message

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Cloudflare does not recognise that domain and it points to nameservers which are not valid for it.

You didnt set up the domain correctly and seemingly set nameservers before you had added the domain to Cloudflare. Typically I would suggest you reset everything and delete the domain from Cloudflare, however you cant really do this in your case as you’d lose the paid subscription.

All you can do at this point is to contact support and wait until they get back to you.

thank you so much but i added properly what i added before :frowning: will see i already open ticket for this urgent issue

If that had been added properly Cloudflare would know abou the domain.

Anyhow, only support can help in this case. That domain now needs manual activation.

exactly you are right cuz we have to update new nameservers as we checked now its changed not like before nameservers :frowning:

Well, the domain seems to be active now.

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