Pending nameservers. takes longer

hi everyone…
this my domain:

i was tranfer this domain to cloudflare then i retransfer to infinityfree.
now i was return to cloudflare the problem is still pending more then 6 days i remove it then reinstall it … but the.same pending… pending!

so can someone helps me what should i do

Which two name servers does Cloudflare tell you to use? WHOIS shows Evan and Kay, but an NS lookup shows Kinsley and Keanu.

i use evan and kay
i remove it now and i signed up with another new account cloudflare told me to remove these two nameservers and change to milan and nora

Complete your nameserver setup is not yet active on Cloudflare.

i use evan and kay nothing else but i found kinsley and keanu as a zone
im not uning kinsley and keanu.
is that from infintyfree because i allowed cloudflare option in infinityfree cpanel but i shut it down.

whois now returns milan and nora, but

are seen with

You’ve tried a few combinations with not a lot of luck and it sounds like you added the domain to cloudflare via a partner to start. I suspect the issue is associated with regulations on eu domains, details here, I’d follow the link on that page to contact Support to ask for their assistance. Please share your ticket number here and I’ll keep track of progress as I’d like to understand more about this issue.

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this my ticket number is 2002830

Thank you, note in the reply, “Moving nameservers on some European registrars requires configuration changes by Cloudflare - if you are using an European registrar please reply to this email for technical support follow up.”

Can you please respond to the email you received and indicate that you need some assistance with an EU domain?

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my registrar is topnet from tunisia.
its an internet provider and tunisian internet agency that signed my domain.

my domain pointed truely at milan an nora servers. please activate my domain as soon as possible. thank you

and if milan and nora are europian nameservers please i need a support for that

Complete your nameserver setup is not yet active on Cloudflare.
not yet its on milan and nora. what should i do. i removed kay and evan like in the tutoriel on dashbored overview

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