Pending Nameserver Updates

I have pointed my domain DNS server to Cloudflare 2 days ago. Confirmation email from Godaddy regarding the NS change arrived but the status still shown as “Pending Nameserver Update”. Can you please help me?

Domain name:

Ensure that the pair of nameservers are correct. You added

Name Server: ANGELA.NS.Cloudflare.COM
Name Server: JACK.NS.Cloudflare.COM

according to the whois information. Are those the two that are shown on your dashboard?

I have double checked the NS. Still pending nameserver update shown on my dashboard.

Something here is very strange. Your WHOIS says:

Name Server: ANGELA.NS.Cloudflare.COM
Name Server: JACK.NS.Cloudflare.COM

But the actual delegation I can see now on Cloudflare’s resolver is:


Which is strange. Interestingly enough, also resolves (to some other server)

To add to the complexity, checking for delegation on actually shows the correct one.

Perhaps you had a typo, corrected it, and simply Cloudflare had it cached? I went to and filled a cache expire request for your domain’s NS records. Let a few seconds pass but I still see jake and not jack on If Cloudflare’s domain adding system checks, that could explain it…

Nice find :+1: I missed that too

Classic typo jack instead of the correct jake.

Ah yes, this explains. My mistake.

I am now changing it from jack to jake, I hope it will be resolved.

It should already work, click the “re-check” button to start the check manually.

yes it is done. I will do the same for the other domains.

Thank you for your help.

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