Pending Nameserver update way too long

I’ve already updated the NS to only this 2, but waited more than 3 days it still show “Pending Nameserver Update”, what is going on? Clicked checked nameserver update few times still the same.

What’s the domain?

Hi, can refer this ticket [#2522296], don’t feel like exposing customer URL here.

Sorry, the Community doesn’t have access to your ticket.

If you’re on a paid plan, Support will check on it.

Most likely, you did not properly update the name servers in WHOIS. The biggest cause of this problem is updating NS records in DNS, which is not what the instructions said to do.



I’m using Pro plan, is because no reply there and I need to post here.
Checked the nameserver updated as WHOIS.

What else could be the problem?


Whois has a typo in Cloudflare for Anastasia (Missing a D).


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