Pending Nameserver Update (Waiting for Cloudflare Support answer for more than a week)

I have updated my domain nameservers (started using new Cloudflare account after changing the domain registrar) but the status is stuck at “Pending Nameserver Update”. I am sure that I have updated correctly as DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool shows correct nameservers only some of them are still not resolved.

New domain registrar said this issue should be solved by Cloudflare. Waiting for Cloudflare Support answer for more than a week (request number #1729341).

Hi @iamuser,

Are you able to share the domain so we can check that it is set up OK?

I have added the domain to my profile (website).

Sorry, I missed that - looking now!

Looks OK to me, have you clicked the ‘Re-check Now’ button where it asks you to change the nameservers?

Yes I did it many times. This domain has been on Cloudflare before changing the registrar. Could this be an issue?

Shouldn’t be. Have a look at this tip for other alternative causes:

Ah, looks like it could be a DNSSEC issue - please see step 3 in the tip I linked to.

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You was right, this solved my issues. Thanks!

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No problem! Glad you got it sorted. If you haven’t already, please let support know that it is resolved (and link to this thread if you want,

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