"Pending Nameserver Update" stuck

The status of the domain {removed}.nl has been stuck on “pending nameserver update” for a while. I already updated the nameservers of the domain two weeks ago at my registrar.

When I check the diagnostics tool of Cloudflare, it tells me that my nameservers are correctly set up:

I tried the command dig NS {removed}.nl, which returns the following lines:

{removed}.nl.        86400    IN    NS    monroe.ns.cloudflare.com.
{removed}.nl.        86400    IN    NS    logan.ns.cloudflare.com. 

The whois tool of SIDN, the registry for the TLD .nl, also says that the nameservers are set up properly: https://www.sidn.nl/en/whois?lang=en

What is wrong? I already waited multiple days. I contacted my registrar, and they said that everything is set up correctly. It looks like there is something wrong at the side of Cloudflare. How can I fix this problem?

You have DNSSEC enabled. It needs to be disabled in order to change name servers.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 4.49.53 PM


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