Pending Nameserver Update & Registrar: Unknown for Freenom domain

I have been using a free domain by Freenom for several months without any issues. That was until yesterday when I received email by Cloudflare that my “…nameservers no longer point to Cloudflare”. I double checked over to Freenome settings page and it seems nameservers are set the way they are supposed to and domain is marked as “Active”. The domain is “.ga” country code which is one of the few free ones. I did a check over to my Cloudflare settings and the domain status is staying “Pending Nameserver Update” for well over 24 hours. Also I can see that registrar is stated to be “Unknown”. I also did a a DNS lookup and it points to a provider I never heard of (screenshot below). I also found an article about a recent lawsuit involving Meta and Freenom leading to halt for new domain registrations.
Any help will be appreciated!

the .ga domains have been removed from Freenom, see the document in Broken DNS record - #7 by i40west for more info.

Basically, you will probably no longer be able to use that domain.


I didn’t know that. I guess my forum search didn’t lead me to those recent updates. I will look for another domain.
Thanks a lot!

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