Pending Nameserver Update - Over 24 hours

Hello, my website has been working well through Cloudflare for the past year. My domain is registered at Godaddy and recently had an issue with whois. I fixed this with Godaddy but on Cloudflare I had to redo “Check nameservers”. As of now it has been stuck. I know all the DNS is correct because nothing has changed.

What do I do to fix this?

Can you verify that your nameservers are still pointing to the correct ones on GoDaddy?

I had an experience where support changed my nameservers back to the default without telling me… it’s always good to double-check.

If they are still pointed correctly, please post the domain here so we can investigate further.

They are, I keep checking them. Exact same nameservers

(post deleted by author)

When looking up this domain it looks like it’s in a state of clientHold (suspended by registrar).

You may have to reach out to GoDaddy support as this is a registrar issue, nothing Cloudflare related.

For reference: shows no NS records (it should show Cloudflare nameservers)

Thank you! I will contact them.

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