Pending Nameserver Update more that 24 hrs

I was already using dana & piers and website was working fine, when overnight I received a message saying the website ns not pointing to cloudflare. well, I did re-recorded them and its been more than 24hrs account still not active, stuck on pending. Please Help? & Thank you!

@sandro I just ckecked my account and the website is active, please provide more information.

More information than that you do not own the domain any more?

@sandro I don’t understand, you are saying I no longer have access to the domain, meanwhile I am able to access? I confused??

Where can you access the domain @bizowncorp ?

The linked article has all the information. Should you be sure that you have access, then you need to contact your registrar as your domain does not resolve. Cloudflare is not involved here.

@anon9246926 from freenom’s website. But I just confirmed what @sandro been saying and its true. This is all news to me. How do I remedy this situation any suggestions?

You get a new domain.

@sandro Agreed!

Thanks guys!

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