Pending Nameserver Update in Cloudflare for more than 6 days

I have update my nameserver from my domain registar as suggest by the cloudflare, after 24 hrs the registar mailed me info about my nameserver updated, i have checked it from different ways too as expected I have seen the updated nameserver everywhere but now its more than 6 days still my domain is not connect in cloudflare it still say pending nameserver updates. I will grateful if someone solve this issue quickly, Since it is the education institute website we can’t keep it in such a way for a . long. Waiting for solving of this issue from Cloudflare team.

The nameservers are set and working…

Had you added any records to your DNS in the dashboard here…?

But it is still saying pending newserver updates.

I have add the DNS too but it is not working and just saying, " Cloudflare protection for your domain is in a pending state while we verify ownership. Learn more about [pending domains]" and I have also submit the ticket which id is 3075557 where i have attached all the related images.

Your site is working and resolving now you have added DNS entries.

I think checks are done every hour so it should move off pending soon. If it doesn’t, you have already raised a ticket so that will be followed up.

You haven’t successfully completed the set up yet, which is why it continues to say so:

$ dig +noall +answer NS                 3596    IN      NS                 3596    IN      NS                 3596    IN      NS                 3596    IN      NS                 3596    IN      NS                 3596    IN      NS
$ dig +noall +auth NS        86400   IN      NS
$ dig +noall +auth NS        86400   IN      NS
$ dig +noall +auth NS        86400   IN      NS

See the above? There is only one name server attached in the parent registry.

Here is what Cloudflare expects :

$ dig +noall +answer NS        86400   IN      NS        86400   IN      NS

You will need to add both of the name servers that Cloudflare ask you to.

Just adding one of them won’t be sufficient.

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Good spot, missed this in the check (still tuning for all the edge cases!)… (from is a Cloudflare name server (from is a Cloudflare name server

They are set at the registrar, so maybe needs to contact them (there’s no public WHOIS so have to use the web)…

Do I need to contact the registar?

It would seem so, yes. You entered the two nameservers there according to the .np WHOIS, but as shown by @DarkDevil, only one is returned by their nameservers.

Don’t worry, you’re not the first, and most likely not going to be the last either :wink:

With this kind of discrepancy, I would suggest escalating it to the registrar as well.

Personally, for such as domain health checkers, I would be checking both the delegation from the parent, as well as the answer from the child.

I wouldn’t alone give a warning, but produce an ERROR / hard failure, if there are any discrepancies between the two NS sets received.

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