Pending nameserver update, GrooveFunnels site

I created a domain intending to host on GrooveFunnels. I bought the domain from LiquidWeb. The instruction video said to set up a Cloudflare account. I did. I took the nameserver 2 addresses from GrooveFunnels and put them into LiquidWeb, and it shows as active on GrooveFunnels. Why does Cloudflare show it as pending nameserver update? It seems to want me to change to CloudFlare hosting. I don’t want that, and why would it assume?? Domain is

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Hi there,

The name servers for your domain needs to be Cloudflare nameservers.
This just means that Cloudflare will resolve the domain for you.

So, if you bought your domain from LiquidWeb, they will give you a default name server.
You just need to update that to Cloudflare Name Servers. Your website will still be hosted on GrooveFunnels.

Ok this seems productive but scary. I can’t feel unfrozen till i clarify. Why would GroovePages give me those specific nameservers, if I’m only meant to change to OTHER nameservers addresses??? It doesn’t seem to make sense. And none of their instructions said anything about it. Is there a reason to this mess around? It shows as active on GroovePages account. What exactly is the problem? Plus the nameserver addresses they gave me have ‘cloudflare’ in the names/ addresses…

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Maybe you don’t understand… I already repointed it from Liquid Web. It is no longer at Liquid Web.

Hello Scottish_salma,

That is all which is required.
You are set.

Hello Scottish_salma,

There is no problem here.
Let me try to explain in simple terms.

When you purchase a domain from LiquidWeb and hosting space from GrooveFunnels/GroovePages, you get these 2 items.

Eg: → LiquidWeb
Eg: → GrooveFunnels/GroovePages.

You link them together using a DNS server. It is the internet phone book.

So when you type, it will automatically call This is more intuitive than remembering the bunch of numbers. Same concept of remembering the person’s name to call than their number directly. But if you do remember the number you can just type it in the phone dial pad and you save a few more seconds.

So without an internet phonebook from GrooveFunnels/GroovePages and LiquidWeb, no one know how to call your website via the internet. That is the default given to you.

The Internet Phonebook from Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, is a super phonebook, which is not only fast, but offers more functionality especially on the security end. Once you start using Cloudflare’s internet phonebook, you can set blocking like firewalls, some level of caching, to speed up the browsing experience for your users and such.

You can see the full extent of the services you have access to from your cloudflare dashboard.
Please see these articles for some further reading and understanding.

I hope you have gained more confidence in Cloudflare and our services.
Thank you for using Cloudflare and hope you benefit from our full suite of products!

Thanks Oshariff, not sure the point of that info on the 9-digit number in use. I’m glad to hear I’m set, but that remains that it says pending, so isn’t that going to stop me using any future features? I’m not sure if the SSL is active. I haven’t published the first landing page yet but I need to hurry up and start that and get everything done. Can the pending status not be removed and never further give this notice to GroovePages people?

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