Pending Nameserver Update from the Cloudflare Registrar

Also, when I click to manage the domain, the page go back to domains list.

You should not need to manage nameserver for cloudflare registrar domains. I suspect you removed and re-added a domain that is through cloudflare registrar. If that is the case, a different set of nameservers were assigned and the Registrar team needs to assist by setting the nameservers for you on a ticket.

Can you create a Registrar ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Registrar ticket here,

Sure, the thicket id is: 3217984

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Thank you, I flagged your ticket and topic here for my Registrar colleagues. Sorry for the issues with this.

I appreciate your help, my friend! Unfortunately, I’m feeling let down as I had planned to demonstrate my Cloudflare solution today. We had to reschedule for tomorrow, and I’m hoping to resolve the issue soon so that I can proceed without having to switch to another DNS provider.

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Hi @org1

I have replied on the ticket. I will close this post.

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