Pending Nameserver Update from Godaddy for over 72hrs

I need some help.

I have forwarded over 50 nameservers from Godaddy to CF and it usually takes less than 5 mins. I have 1 domain than that will not update in CF no matter what I try. Everything is set up correctly but I still see “Pending Nameserver Update” in CF for over 3 days.

How can I troubleshoot this?

What is the domain. and what nameservers are assigned to it in the DNS tab in Cloudflare?

the website is vidb (dot) in and the NS in the tab are are gemma.ns.cloudflare (dot) com and roan.ns.cloudflare (dot) com

There is a “serverHold” status on that domain.

“serverHold” literally means that your domain is suspended.

You need to contact your registrar to get that sorted out.



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