Pending nameserver update for over 48 hours



This seems like a frequent topic on this forum but of the threads I viewed, none had an answer or solution. Realistically how long does it take for Cloudflare services to recognize that my nameservers are in fact updated?



Are you sure they match exactly what was given to you? It’s pretty quick usually to activate a domain.


I had correctly entered but incorrectly entered instead of ulla. Would that really prevent CF from activating services?


This site shows as one of them, this doesn’t appeared to be a valid CF nameserver.

Edit: saw your reply:
Yes, it would, they have to exactly match.


Yes. Read here:


Whois says



$ dig ns +short

My vote goes to dig results, I’ve never met anyone named ultra, but they sound important!


Yeah, was on my mobile and checked only the WHOIS, seeing Ultra as a female name made me doubt that they were correct.


And it looks like the correct changes were picked up, I show the site as active.


Interesting read, thanks. I guess from now on I’ll either remember to use my reading glasses or simply use copy/paste. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Copy and paste helps here :grinning: