Pending Nameserver Update for over 48 hours - Still

My domain was transferred from Nexcess over 48 hours ago. The nameservers were accurate, pointed to Cloudflare, and subject to propogation. They are still pending. Nexcess said there was nothing they could do to speed it up. Cloudflare said the propogation could take five days and to contact the registrar (Nexcess) to have it sped up. I contacted Cloudflare Support and they sent me to the Community. Does anyone have an idea as to what I can do to get my nameserver updated on Cloudflare?

What is the domain name?

It won’t let me send it

Type it like this…

example dot com

or press </> above to use Preformatted text

That sounds like you want to transfer the domain registration…is that correct?

And, it sounds like you also just added the website to cloudflare and changed the nameservers at your current domain registrar, is that also correct?

You cannot transfer the domain to cloudflare registrar until after the domain is active. As it’s not yet active, you should contact your existing registrar to see if they can identify why the change has not fully propagated.

The domain is transferred and the nameserver is pending. My domain is active and the nameservers have been accurately pointed to Cloudflare. Nexcess the registrar has verified this today. Cloudflare is saying that it could take up to five days to update the nameserver which has been saying pending for over 48 hours. I’m looking for a way to expedite the propagation sooner.

Was the website ever active on cloudflare? Normally, a site needs to show as active on your dash before the option to transfer shows and I see the website in your account here is still pending.

Can you share the name of the site here?

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