Pending nameserver update for my site

Hello, I’ve bought a new domain and I’m trying to enable Cloudflare on it, I’ve asked the domain registry to point the nameservers to the designated addresses given to me by Cloudflare and they’ve done it, but Cloudflare is still not accepting the change. Please check and let me know what to do.

Domain in question:
Assigned DNS Name Servers:

I’ve tried to send a support ticket to Cloudflare as well but it’s not allowing me assistance since I’m on free plan.
Ticket# [Cloudflare Support] 2575692

When I query the nameservers of that domain I see the two that you’ve listed there. Additionally, if you check on DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool you’ll see that they’re fully propogated around the world.

What message do you see on the Cloudflare dashboard, if any? Is it still asking you to update your nameservers?

Yes, I’ve checked everything myself before opening a topic here, everything seems in order but Cloudflare is still not updating it.

You have two nameservers configured at the moment, one is correct, and also

This one is given to me by Cloudflare dashboard as you can see in the above dashboard picture, what am I missing here?

There is a typo. Cloudflare is spelled with an ‘o’.

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Ahh, good catch, thank you, will ask the registrar to fix it.

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