Pending nameserver update for

My domain (Cloudflare is the registrar) is pending nameserver update since a couple of days. Could somebody please point me in the right direction

Under Manage Domains, I can’t also get into the page Manage under

I can however for all other domains.

Please open a registrar ticket here:
If you let me know the ticket number, I can escalate it.

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Ticket number is

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I have escalated your ticket. Given it is the weekend, I wouldn’t expect a response till Monday.

If you do not have a response by the end of Monday, then please let me know, and I can try to follow up.

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Thank you. Highly appreciated.

Hi there, just letting you know that the ticket has been escalated. The team has to manually change your domain nameservers because you have deleted your zone off of your dashboard

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Hi thanks for escalating the ticket. I wasn’t even aware that a DNS zone can be deleted when the domain is managed by Cloudflare. I understand I removed the website, however I thought with adding a website again it should allow me to manage the domain fully again. I understand for the next time I will not do that again. Maybe it should not be possible at all. Thanks for trying to resolve my issue.


This case has been resolved by Engineering. The domain is now marked Active.

Thanks for writing in!