Pending nameserver update for JustSketchMe

My site is still pending nameserver update over 24 hours later.

What is fascinating is that if I go to it’s using Cloudflares certificates, so I guess it’s working, it just shows that it’s still pending update in the dashboard. On top of that, it’s not redirecting from http to https.
I have rechecked for updates, but to no avail.

$ dig ns +short

Please advise :slight_smile:

I am on mobile, so not using dig. But a variety of online tools show different results! Some just show fay and sam, but some show 3 nameservers, fay, Sam and a Digital Ocean one.

It is showing a Let’s Encrypt certificate for me and not redirecting to HTTPS.

Ah, I see what you mean. Strange. I guess they’re just taking longer to update :confused: I’ll give it another day and see if it resolves itself.

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Correct. You need to remove NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM from the list at your registrar.

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Hallo ! Das bin ich nicht!!!

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